Industrial designer & Artist. I’ve learnt that design for me is to create experiences that evoke joy to the user.

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Elements is a limited edition Cataluniyan souvenir made just for
you with the hand picked rocks from Montserrat. With unique and
carefully created Bonsai grown on this rock, you can now have
your own little Montserrat.

Preserving nature to collect memories. A
bond that you create with a stone that you
found has a special place in your heart, but
this little object may end up forgotten with
time. I wanted to create something that
would let you take care of it and help grow
with it.
As the name suggests, Elements is made up
of all the elements in the nature. The shape
of the rocks, texture of the tree and scent of
the wood, all embeds itself into the memories and brings people’s senses to life.