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Vapour is an electric cooker that utilizes principles of steam cooking and sous-vide cooking, using water as the primary medium to cook food within the cooker. It is designed for a domestic setting, to promote alternative and healthy methods of cooking

Basics Behind Vapour
Vapour, is a kitchen appliance that uses water as the primary source of heat within the
vessel, to cook food thoroughly and precisely, according to the time and temperature
Natural Release
A small pressure release on the lid allows
steam to escape in very small quantities
over time, which helps in slow and wholesome cooking.
Cooking Modules
The modules, made out of stainless steel and
borosilicate microwave glass, aid in adjusting to di erent cooking styles and methods.
Circulation of water, and air within the

container is crucial for the food to cook,
hence, giving the modules and the appliance their respective forms.
Exhaust Vents
Excess heat transferred between the base
and the main container is allowed to escape
through the vents present in between the
two components.
Electric Components
Vapour comes with a 3-Pin AC Adapter at
110V-220V. The adapter ts comfortably and
seamlessly into the applicance.


User Interface
A simplified touch interface, with a tactile
start button, coupled with a backlit LED
panel, replacing a Traditional screen allows
the user to set the time and temperature
with the simple action of sliding.
Start-up screen with 3 options, Time, Temperature and More, and the logo appearing
on the backlit panel.
Going into Time, options allow for setting
of Hours, Minutes or Custom, for other options and more contol.
The slider allows the user to set the timer
according to the recipe in mind and the
same can be done with temperature.
Pressing the start button begins the cook,
and allows for pausing, restaring and more