Industrial designer & Artist. I’ve learnt that design for me is to create experiences that evoke joy to the user.

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Trying to change the layout of a garden can be very difficult. What if we could do it without uprooting the plants?
Bloom provides the users with the ease of transplanting and rearranging the gardens making the experience simple.

In the recent years, the creativity amongst
young children has been declining as they
are confined ideas and ways of doing something. Molds are the nests that can bring
your ideas to life. And to help kids to shape
their original ideas, DIYs are a great way to
begin with.

Problem: Gigantic amount of bread is being wasted everyday. With the increase
in food chains, sandwich manufacturers
waste about 13k slices every day, adding
17% to the loaf lost. While there are various
ways of recycling bread, part of it can be
used to make the ‘best out of waste’. Food
chains like McDonalds, Subway and Burger
King etc produce a lot less bread-waste that
bread manufacturers.

Traget Store: I chose Subway as it is a
healthy food chain that majorly thrives on
sandwiches. The idea is to have a promotional campaign for a kid’s meal deal as a
marketing strategy for Subway that promotes sustainability and health. Instead
of spending energy on plastic toys that are
not eco-friendly, we can use these breadwaste to a benefit.

Target Market: Indulging in creativity has
a great role in shaping the young minds
and encouraging them to think out of box.
This concept is focused on kids for the reason that it hopes to promote healthy food
as well as food for thought. Moulds are the
nests that will help kids to bring their own
ideas to life.

Kumo (n.) – Japanese for Clouds.
Kumo is a complimentary DIY kit that
comes with the kid’s meal. I was inspired by
the simplicity of the Japanese toys and also
the way kids interpret the shapes of clouds
differently. Therefore, I selected a DIY idea,
as it provides kids a learning experience of
creating and re-creating shapes and figures
that provide them a sense of achievement
in the end.