Industrial designer & Artist. I’ve learnt that design for me is to create experiences that evoke joy to the user.

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Trying to change the layout of a garden can be very difficult. What if we could do it without uprooting the plants?
Bloom provides the users with the ease of transplanting
and rearranging the gardens making the experience simple.

In gardening, transplanting or replanting
is the technique of moving a plant from
one location to another.
Transplanting at home is comparitively
an easier process. It is mostly donea when
there is a need to change the arrangement;
if the plant dies; if the pot breaks. During
this process, most plants experience a certain amount of shock from transplanting,
when roots are disturbed and unable to absorb enough water resulting in death.
Adding to this, the process of thransplantation is also very tiring and involves a lot
a human labour.
Bloom is a modular planter that simplies
the process of replanting.

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