Industrial designer & Artist. I’ve learnt that design for me is to create experiences that evoke joy to the user.

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I want to create a backpack for nannies that helps the baby sitter in performing tasks like changing diapers, feeding baby, and carrying the baby outside.

The whole bag is made up of two parts-
a)the baby carrier and b)the bag itself. Both of these parts can be attached simply by a chain in-between them.
The baby carrier accommodates an infant comfortably while the bag itself has a good
room to fit in all the necessary items for the baby.
The user experiences best of both worlds by
simply attaching the two parts by the chain.
The front of the bag come with a cushion
that is attached by velcro. This cushion can
be used for multiple purposes like having
a comfortable position while bottle feeding the baby outdoors. The other details of
the bag are the bottle holder and the front
pouch which is easily accessible during diaper changing
B Bag is designed to tackle multiple problems. It has many small details that add up
to the uniqueness of the bag.
On the right hand side, there’s a bottle
holder; A cushion is attached in the front
that can be removed when to be used; In
the bottom there is a compartment for the
diaper changing mat that can be detached
when you want to clean it; Adjustable
straps are placed in front; The front & back
part of the baby carrier are attached with
an open adjustable straps that are held together by a 3 pin hook; and lastly, the carrier and the bag are attached together with
a zip.
B-Bag is a multi-purpose baby bag designed
especially for the baby-sitters/mothers. The
ease and the convenience that the bag provides the users is wh