Industrial designer & Artist. I’ve learnt that design for me is to create experiences that evoke joy to the user.

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Since the beginning of time, light has been a core element of human life. It regulates the living cycle for every breathing cell on
the Earth as well as impacts mental and environmental mood.
Yellow light is known to evoke a sense of warmth and peace,
similar to the senses evoked in the presence of your loved ones.

The idea is to use the analogy of two people being together. The reason for going
ahead with this concept is so that a lamp
can separate into two lights in two directions. It can be placed on two opposite
sides, illuminating the space evenly. The
other function of the lamp is to provide
a stability to the beach mat by securing
it through the hooks in the bottom of the
lamp and holding the beach mat it place.
Research shows that human brain comprehends and prefers complex structures and
patterns. This is why I chose the hexagonal
shapes on the top and wave patterns in the
middle of the product. To maintain the the
design language, the concrete base structure is in a similar poly-geometric shape.

UHMW polythene sheet: This is one of
the best materials for a good diffusion of
light andweighs less.
Aluminium: This material is light-weighted,
resists corrosion that may result from humidity and helps in cooling down the heat
that is generated inside due to the light bulb.

Hexa is easy to use. And since its portable,
it fits in your bag easily. Separate them to
place in the corners of yourbeach mat by
putting the corners of the mat in the loop
and shove the base in the sand to secure.
Switch on the lamp. Enjoy your date. If
you feel like going near the sea but it’s too
dark, pick up your lamps and head there.